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 Pastor Darlene Thorne has been devoted to ministry since she was in her early twenties with a desire to impart the word of God to those seeking a life change.  This however, has not come without a price.  She was raised in a Christian home with her two older sisters and younger brother.  Her father was a pastor and her mother was an evangelist.  They came together after graduating from Bible college.  After many years of marriage her parents divorced and Darlene was left with a question, “If her parents were believers and their marriage did not last, was God really real and what hope of living a solid Christian life did she have?"  Although she still knew God existed, Pastor Darlene struggled to know of His reality in her life. For some time after her parent’s separation, Darlene led a very promiscuous life, she was at odds with her mother and felt abandoned by her father.

     Not until she attended a conference which focused on teaching both children and adults how to have a successful and God-filled life, did Pastor Darlene make a total commitment to God and turned her life toward Him.

     She experienced a new life in Christ that stripped away the bondage and she was delivered from rejection, low-self-esteem and she began to live life with purpose.  Her assignment is to encourage women through God's word to live their lives with purpose and not to allow their past to be a hindrance.  

     As an international speaker, Pastor Darlene has traveled extensively ministering the word of God, speaking at conferences and women's meetings.  She has a heart for women to be healed and truly be purposeful in their daily lives. To that end, she has authored three books, “A Heart After the Father,” a daily devotional,  “When Dark Chocolate is Bittersweet” and  “The Goliath Within-Winning the Battle of the Heart.”   Her latest program entitled, “From Fear to Freedom” is a series that examines five areas in our lives that war against us in our quest to fulfill our calling and a battle plan to win against one of our worst enemies, ourselves. 

      Some of her conference topics are: ‘You Weren’t Designed to Fit In,’ ‘The Me Nobody Knows,’ ‘Hiding No More’ and ‘Living Authentically: Embracing the Real You’. 

     Pastor Darlene has been married to the love of her life for over 30 years. She and her husband, Kevin Thorne, serve together as pastors at  Grace Worship Center in Clayton, NC. They have two world changer young adults, Kevin, II and Kennedy Elayne.


Review of  "The Goliath Within"
This book speaks to the heart and soul of anyone looking to break free from, fear, doubt and unbelief. If you are struggling with your identity in Christ, this book is a must read!  Minister Darlene has bathed and birthed this book in love!

Frankia Boose Author, Entrepreneur

Raleigh, North Carolina

"She is truly a consistent, gifted anointed woman of God."

Ericka D. James Evangelist, Author, Breakthrough Coach

Raleigh, North Carolina

"Pastor Darlene is passionate about what she does."

Mrs. Shyron Brailey Certified Life & Christian Coach |CCRMC|Speaker

Raleigh, North Carolina

"Anointed. Spirited. 100% in tune with God. Darlene Thorne literally made the hairs stand up on my body as she spoke...

Dr. Shekina F. Moore Girls Advocate CEO, B2F Girls Worldwide

Atlanta, Georgia

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