The Goliath Within: Winning the Battle of the Heart


There are battles fought on the soil of many countries, battles won and battles lost. But there is not a more difficult battle than the ones that take place on the battlefield of our mind and heart.  We struggle with a variety of negative beliefs that bombard us continually.  In this book, The Goliath Within, Darlene taps into some of the inner struggles we may face from day to day; fear, rejection, doubt and failure and offers solutions through God's word that will lead to a great and victorious life.

When Dark Choclate Is Bittersweet: Controversy Within A Culture


"It plagues families. It plagues Corporate America, It plagues churches, school houses and neighborhoods.  Skin color has been an issue since the beginning of time.  Fast forward, we are still struggling with the issue but no one wants to talk about it. Through two authors' life experiences with insider prejudice, the book, When Dark Chocolate is Biittersweet, sparks meaningful discourse on the self-hate that goes on within a culture, bringing awareness which is a message all girls need to hear."

A Heart After The Father: A Daily Devotional


"Devotions are a necessary time to draw closer and develop a deeper relationship with God. "A Heart After the Father" is a daily devotional designed with that development in mind.  Each chapter is filled with nuggets of truth and gives the reader the opportunity to write their  own prayers, journal or personal reflection.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and expect to spend some time getting closer to God as you develop your relationship with Him."

Darlene has written this inspiring devotional that will encourage you to deepen your relationship with God

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